About me

Sanjay Jani

Sanjay Jani

I grew up always wanting to be an Architect, which I now am.

The earliest photograph that I remember capturing was at the age of 6 with my father's Agfa- Click III camera. It was well used, protected in a brown leather snap cover. I can still hear the mechanical shutter opening and closing. I was hooked.

I fondly remember admiring images in the National Geographic magazine. My favorite page was the Canon advertisement on the back cover with an image and information about an endangered species, their newest camera, and a lineup of lenses. My young dreams were full of those explorations, cameras, and white long lenses! 

For me, "good" architecture is functional and inspiring. It is form and space, carefully orchestrated with understanding in human scale, proportion, color, texture, light, shadow and natural environment. I did not understand as a young student but education in architecture has made me a better photographer.

I do not discriminate what I photograph. I search for beauty in people, objects, spaces and moments. Photography is my way to document and share what I find inspiring. I instinctively gravitate to creating images that reveal geometry, order, and structure within natural and human creations.

I use my camera to find complexity in simple, and simplicity in chaos. 

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